Mortal Kombat 11 players find Terminator in-game a week before he's officially out

NetherRealm just released a big patch for Mortal Kombat 11 – and it adds a way for players to see Terminator do his thing on screen a week before he’s officially out.

With the arrival of the patch comes the Terminator konsumable (yes, I know, with a k). This works like an assist you can call upon in battle to help during fights against the CPU. Brilliantly, the assist sees Terminator dart on screen and perform some moves.

It’s the first time we’ve seen any gameplay of the DLC character, who is set to arrive officially in playable form on 8th October.

Four of his moves can be seen via the konsumable. The first sees Terminator walk on screen, whip out his trademark shotgun and fire twice while slowly walking forward. Super cool and very Terminator.

The second sees Terminator leap forward for a double-handed overhead punch with some kind of blue effect on his hands. This doesn’t look particularly Terminator to me. Perhaps it’s too agile for the character?

The third is what looks like a low stomp then mid knee combo. Again, not particularly Terminator to me, who I associate with a more brawler-style of fighting than any kind of martial art.

The fourth is a projectile of some description that adds a burn effect to the opponent. Has Terminator ever thrown a projectile in the films?

I should qualify these concerns by saying most of the characters in the game look a bit janky as assists, which are designed to pop on screen for a fleeting moment then dash off-screen. A reveal trailer is set to be released today, so hopefully playable Terminator carries more weight when you play as him.

It is, however, great to see Arnie’s likeness in Mortal Kombat 11, although we know he didn’t provide voiceover work. Instead we have an Arnie soundalike – chosen by Arnie himself.

Digging deeper into the patch notes we get one snippet of Terminator-related info – and it sounds awesome. Here’s the relevant line:

“D’Vorah – Motherbug can no longer move and attack during a resurrection from D’Vorah, Terminator, or Geras.”

This confirms Terminator has a resurrection mechanic. For D’Vorah, this involves the grotesque bug lady turning into an actual bug and flying about. For Terminator? Perhaps his skin peels off and we see the skeleton underneath.

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