Mosaic, a surrealist adventure from the team behind Among the Sleep, is heading to Apple Arcade

Mosaic, developer Krillbite Studio’s promising follow-up to Among the Sleep, is a surrealist adventure game set in a grim, overpopulated city. The news today is that it’s set to arrive later this year on Apple Arcade, the tech behemoth’s $4.99-a-month subscription service.

The game is said to explore the feeling of being trapped in the daily grind, struggling to make sense of it all. As time wears on, the ‘mundanities of the everyday existence in a world where everything is seemingly in its right place starts to transcend into something different’.

Basically, you can expect the environment around you to begin shifting, shrinking, and generally going a bit weird. In one scene, you’re shrunk down to the size of an ant, running for dear life through the busy city streets.

I’m definitely getting horror vibes from some of the trailer footage, though Mosaic aims to be more discomforting than outright scary. Interestingly, the team has put together a full site for the game’s fictional Mosaic Corporation, fit with a mission statement, product page, and open job positions.

Likewise, the in-game app ‘BlipBlop’ is actually available from the App Store and Google Play. It’s another fun piece of worldbuilding ahead of Mosaic’s global launch on Apple Arcade later this year.

If you’re not yet sold on the service, here’s a full list of all the games set to arrive on Apple Arcade over the next few months. 

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