Mosaic is a Dark Tale Entwined with Hope

In the obscure and lonely world of Mosaic, a man becomes lost and depressed in the daily, mundane struggles he is faced with as hope lingers on the horizon.

In this ever-changing and chaotic world we live in today, most of us can relate, in some way, to the feeling of being trapped in a routine and the challenges we battle due to that. Whether it’s from work, school, or home life – it’s the daily struggles we have to face as being part and parcel of living on this giant swirling ball called Earth. Mosaic re-enacts this formality with precision and makes the player feel every inch of sorrow, pressure, and drudgery of every day when all the color has been drained from your life.

Mosaic begins in a washed-out world, derive of any pigmentation. It’s pretty apparent that this unnamed man we first meet is struggling with not only himself but the world around him as he forcefully pulls himself up out of bed, having slept in yesterday’s work suit, to the sound of his alarm; a daily reminder that it’s the same shit, different day. Whilst he struggles to brush his teeth and straighten his creased suit, a text pours in from his boss reminding him that his work isn’t up to scratch. This only exacerbates the mountain of debt letters laying on his table that are slowing drowning him.

Mosaic is a Dark Tale Entwined with Hope

As he leaves his apartment that holds all of his deepest secrets, he drags himself to a window at the end of the corridor that emits warm, rich rays of sunlight. Hesitating for a moment, he then rests his palm against the glass while tiny rings of vibrant colors loop around his head, highlighting that even in his darkest hour, there’s still a part of him that craves the light. But finding a way isn’t obtainable so he settles back into his only friend, the darkness.

As someone who struggles with their mental health at times, I found Mosaic a painfully wonderful insight into someone who feels completely alone in a world they’ve lost control of and the everyday stains that drives their thought pattern into a dark and unrelenting trap. Indie developer Krillbite Studio doesn’t try and hold anything back in this atmospheric game. They want you to feel just as this poor soul does – empty, depressed, anxious, and lonely.

Mosaic is a Dark Tale Entwined with Hope

Some moments are gut-wrenching to witness. While in an elevator, he tries to make eye contact with some people only to be ignored. As the other residents pour out of the apartment complex, he joins the grey, faceless bodies as they too embark on the perpetual rat race – mindlessly going from A to B. This time, however, he sways off the familiar day-to-day path and stumbles across something beautiful and uncommon to him. This sets a magical, heart-warming moment in this somber game that gives a good indication that not everything is lost and there is still beauty to be found within this cold, dark and unforgiving world he has found himself in. The only trick is, how can he take hold of it?

There is a particular moment where we see a dash of color in his ashen world that then turns into an extraordinary emotion-packed sequence that’s accompanied by a wonderful opera score that was so impeccably crafted, I didn’t want it to end. But like everything, my time with this short demo must and I have to say, it was undoubtedly a worthwhile endeavor that truly surprised me.

Mosaic is a Dark Tale Entwined with Hope

Mosaic offers some deeply immersive gameplay that is totally played out without any kind of narrative and, personally, I sometimes find that type of gameplay the most thought-provoking. I also found the controls to be really simple and easy to navigate with its simplistic point and click feature. Although my time was brief, I’m really intrigued to find out more about this silent and lost human and how they will manage to escape the unshielded world they have found themselves in. There’s life beyond the high fences and decrepit buildings of this city and I’m looking forward to helping him find it.

Although no official date has been announced as yet, Mosaic releases at some stage this year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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