Mutropolis Is a Point and Click Title Slated to Launch Sometime This Year

Point-and-click your way through a futuristic setting while unearthing items from the past.

Mutropolis is an upcoming indie title from developer Pirita Studio, and publisher, Application Systems Heidelberg. The game is set in the 50th century where historic landmarks seem to have been forgotten. A team of archaeologists works together, uncovering relics bearing the rare hallmarks, “Made in China” before a “dog-looking God” appears and ruins everything.

The game has a wonderful looking art-style which is stated to be 100% hand-made. The dialogue is currently being reworked with Alasdair Beckett-King. Beckett-King is a comedian and film director and is the co-author and voiceover director for Unforeseen Incidentsanother game from the publisher.

Mutropolis contains over 50 scenes featuring various characters that add to the game’s comedy and mystery tones.  There are also puzzles to solve which have a science-fiction feel to them to break up the point and click gameplay.

The game was supposed to be showcased at GDC and EGX Rezzed, but since the outbreak of the coronavirus, those two events have been postponed.

There is a demo available to try as well as the official trailer, which you can find below. The trailer boasts a quirky soundtrack as well as showing off some examples of the puzzles players can expect to be faced with. There’s also a big creepy eye, a lockpicking sequence, and the ginger-haired protagonist walking on hot coals.

Mutropolis is slated to launch on PC, Mac, and Linux at some point in Q2/Q3 2020.

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