Mythgard, Rhino Games' CCG, is available in open beta now for iOS and Android

Mythgard has been around now for quite a while, having been in closed beta for some time now. Now the card game that combines mythology with the modern-day is available in open beta on both iOS and Android.

The world of Mythgard is a blend of old and new, scientific and fantasy. You’ll find cards with art of dragons straddling aeroplanes one moment to folks piloting futuristic-looking mechs the next. It’s certainly a real mix of styles.

The game itself differs from the popular CCG Hearthstone by not having any class restrictions on your deck. This means that if you can see multiple synergies between any of the game’s 400 plus cards then you’re free to include them in your deck. I love this idea because I’d often find myself disappointed by not being able to have awesome sounding synergies because of faction restrictions.

It’s a game that promises in-depth strategy. It’s not just things like where you place cards on the board being important, you’ll also be able to create artefacts that can fundamentally alter the rules of that particular game. How far you can twist then I’d be interested to find out.

Unlike a lot of CCG’s that are available today, Mythgard will have a lengthy singleplayer campaign to allow you to get to grips with all the different strategies and mechanics of the game before hopping into multiplayer. Of course, as you go along you’ll also bolster your collection of cards too.

Among its other modes that include draft and rank, there will also be the option to fight in 2v2 battles. So if you’ve got a buddy that’s deep into Mythgard you can team up against another duo and test how well you work together.

Mythgard is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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