New Brain Training Announced, Launches in Japan this December

Kawashima’s back!

Today, Nintendo’s official Japanese channel announced New Brain Training, an upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training games. The game appears to be launching in Japan only with no launch confirmed for the West.

Those familiar with the older titles will recall the Nintendo DS games which had players solving puzzles, equations, and even sudoku in a bid to “train” their brain.

Two videos were released, one being the official trailer, available to view directly below, and shows off not only some new exercises heading to the game but also a stylus. Interestingly, one of the exercises showcased features the IR sensor available on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con’s being used to capture your hand. A feature that wouldn’t work on the newly launched Nintendo Switch Lite as there is no IR functionality available.

The stylus that’s shown in the videos is included with the physical edition of New Brain Training and will allow the player more precise control over writing numbers and symbols in a similar way that the Nintendo DS stylus allowed.

In a second video published by Nintendo, we get a more in-depth look at the exercises available. We see the IR-sensor focused one in action, another one that allows two players to go head-to-head and count objects, and there are some examples of how the stylus can be used. We see a memory game where players will have to select the previous picture, then remember the new picture as more pictures come into play. As usual, the game offers you a graph showing your brain’s “age” and performance when you’ve finished your training.

There’s even a Dr. Mario themed mini-game available as well as a load of other activities which start being demonstrated at the 5:20 mark. Players will also be able to have an alarm set for New Brain Training and get sent email reminders to get training. There’s also going to be ranking, and online world tournaments available.

New Brain Training will be launching on Nintendo Switch in Japan on December 27 with a physical and digital release. The stylus itself will be included in the physical edition, but will also be sold separately in Japan on launch day. At current, there is no release date for New Brain Training heading to the West.

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