New gameplay for Pokemon Masters has been revealed

With its launch presumably around a month away, Nintendo has released fresh gameplay for the highly anticipated Pokemon Masters. It mostly shows off aspects of the game that we’d already seen brief glimpses of in the earlier trailers, though we do get a better look at the battles and co-op.

The first thing the trailer shows off is a handful of the trainers you can expect to meet and befriend on the all-new island of Pasio. Pasio, if you didn’t know, has become a hotspot for up-and-coming trainers due to it being the home of the Pokemon Masters League Tournament.

We also get a look at the 3-on-3 team format in battles. The new system looks slightly faster than the usual Pokemon battles, with a lot more stuff going on at once. Trainers are now more involved than ever, as they can provide constant support, including stat and health buffs.

The trailer makes a big deal of the explosive sync moves that you can pull off, only being outdone by the massive, battle-ending unity attacks. It also focuses a bit on the game’s new co-op feature that allows you to do battle alongside your friends. If you want more info, you can check out our Pokemon Masters feature where we explore the game in depth.

While we still don’t have a solid release date, the trailer at least reconfirms that Pokemon Masters will launch this summer. Given that we’re around halfway through summer already, it’s highly likely we’ll see Masters next month. I’m slightly surprised that we still don’t have a fixed date, but at least we know there’s not been a delay.

Masters looks way more promising the more I see of it. What do you think? Reckon this looks better than Pokemon Sword & Shield?

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