New Metro Title Confirmed to be In Development at 4A Games

Metro will indeed be returning in the future, once again helmed by 4A Games.

Following the release of Metro Exodus in February of this year, developer 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver announced that the studio was already hard at work on its next project. While they didn’t say at the time of this announcement what this next game would be, today, we’ve now apparently figured that out.

During THQ Nordic’s investor presentation earlier today, it was stated that 4A Games’ next title will indeed continue to be rooted in the Metro franchise. Since founding in 2006, the studio has worked exclusively on the franchise and has to this date released Metro 2033Metro Last Light, and Metro Exodus.

Considering how much of a success Metro Exodus was for Deep Silver and THQ Nordic, it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that the franchise will be continuing. Exodus was the biggest launch that THQ Nordic has ever had when it released earlier in 2019. The series is only continuing to get bigger and better as time goes on and with the prospect of next-gen platforms arriving next year, it should be interesting to see what 4A Games can do with the shooter series next.

As of now, Metro Exodus is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At the time, 4A Games is still working on the game’s expansion pass content which is set to continue staggering out into 2020.

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