New Rage 2 Update Includes New Game Plus, New Cheats, and More

Rage 2’s new trailer shows off the new game plus mode and new cheats.

With new Doom Eternal news coming out of Quakecon, Bethesda has also released a new trailer for Rage 2 that highlights some new features that were added to the game in a recent patch.

The trailer opens up with the addition of a new game plus mode that lets players carry over all their weapons, upgrades, vehicles, and abilities. Additionally, for each time you finish the campaign, you’ll earn more Prestige badges. A new mode called Ultra Nightmare has been added for those that want to play the game on a much harder difficulty. For players that want an even harder difficulty, Ironman Mode has been added which reaches game over when the player dies just once.

Outside of new modes, new weapon skins, no pause pop-ups, the trailer features new cheats such as dash ragdoll and a super knockback, skippable cutscenes, and a voice pack featuring Wolfenstein’s BJ Blaskowicz were shown off. Later this year, Rage 2 will be getting a new expansion called “Rise of the Ghosts” which features new story content, enemies, more cheats, and new vehicles among other things. With all these new updates coming to the game, it’s never been a better time to pick up Rage 2.

In other Bethesda news, Doom, Fallout 4, and Wolfenstein: The New Order are being added to PlayStation Now. Additionally, the first three Doom games have been released on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch today.

Rage 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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