New Saints Row Game Confirmed to be In Development at Volition

A new Saints Row title is now “deep in development.”

Along with releasing its financial information for this past quarter today, THQ Nordic provided an update on what it has coming up in the future, specifically in regards to the Saints Row franchise.

Courtesy of a press release that accompanied the new financial information, THQ confirmed that a new Saints Row is currently being developed as we speak. “Volition is deep in development of a brand-new Saints Row game, the first full entry in this much loved series since Saints Row IV was released in 2013,” said the statement in the release.

Unfortunately, we don’t have anything else to go off of at the moment other than the baseline knowledge that a new game is now in the works. Based on how the statement in the release is worded though, it makes it sound as though this will be a proper Saints Row 5. The fact that Saints Row IV, in particular, was mentioned makes it sound like Volition’s new entry will be more of a potential continuation of things rather than a full relaunch. This is just conjecture on my part though, so don’t take it as truth.

Given that THQ Nordic was now willing to divulge this game’s existence though perhaps means we’ll hear and see more about it in the near future. Volition’s last game, Agents of Mayhem, released all the way back in 2017. Considering many studios seem to operate on three or four-year dev cycles, perhaps this new Saints Row title could end up launching sometime next year.

Regardless of when Deep Silver has more to say about this game, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, there’s also a Saints Row film that is in the works, too. 

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