Nike Nintendo 64 Sneakers Kick Back to the ’90s In a Stylish Way

This pair of Air Max 97 sneakers from Nike coming this summer happens to share a lot of similarities with the one and only Nintendo 64.

Nintendo has had no trouble with sparking the imagination of merchandise makers around the world thanks to the nostalgia and love that many around the world have for its games and consoles. The Nintendo 64 in particular is sure to strike a lot of imaginations, and in a new pair of sneakers on the way from Nike, the dream of the ’90s is alive and well with plenty of gaming style.

A new color variation on the classic Air Max 97 sneakers from Nike was revealed (via Kotaku) that happens to share a lot of similarities with the classic style of the Nintendo 64. Whether you’re a sneakerhead or a gamer, it’s hard to deny that these sneakers are pretty stylish and should bring back those warm, fuzzy feelings of playing Slappers Only matches in Goldeneye 007 or beating your friends in Super Smash Bros.

While the sneakers themselves aren’t officially branded by Nintendo, it’s hard not to see how the sneakers adopt some visual similarities from the classic console, including the phrases “Power” and “Reset” on the tongue of each sneaker. Inside the sneakers on the sole, you can also catch a glimpse of what happens to look a lot like the ESRB logo, though modified a bit to create a more unique design.

This variation of the Air Max 97s will release later this summer for $160 and will be available to order on Nike’s website. For a closer look at the N64-styled sneakers from Nike, you can check out the images below:

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