Ninja Calls Out Twitch for Using His Old Channel to Promote Pornographic Content

Even though he has now moved to Mixer, Ninja recently had to deal with a situation stemming from his old Twitch channel.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced just a few days back that he would be leaving Twitch and would instead be moving his streaming content to Mixer exclusively. Since that time, it seems as though Twitch hasn’t taken the divorce so well.

After Blevins made his announcement a few weeks back, Twitch almost immediately removed his verification badge from his channel. Additionally, Twitch started promoting other streams on Blevins’ dormant channel, which is still the largest on the platform. Before leaving for Mixer, Blevins had accumulated 14.5 million followers on Twitch, which is over double the amount of the next closest channel. Apparently, those at the company thought they should give those potentially still following the account something to watch, which is why it began promoting other streamers via the channel.

Eventually, this situation came to a head though when Twitch apparently promoted pornographic content on Blevins’ account. Blevins ended up breaking his silence on the situation following this development and posted this video on his personal Twitter account.

Blevins, who has a large following of younger people, apologized in the video for what had happened and also called Twitch out for doing this to begin with. “This wouldn’t even have been an issue if they didn’t use my channel to promote others in the first place,” Blevins said in a follow-up tweet.

A few hours later, Blevins posted an update on Twitter that said the situation had now seemingly been rectified and that his old Twitch channel would now just continue to remain offline.

This is yet another situation in 2019 where Twitch has continued to make odd decisions only to never publicly confront or offer a statement publicly on said decisions. Earlier this year, League of Legends streamer TF Blade was briefly banned from the platform for being accused of saying the “N-word” live on stream. Blade claims he never said the word though and instead said “idiots” — something that nearly everyone who watched the clip from the stream agreed with. Twitch ended up giving TF Blade his streaming access back a few days later, but never ended up commenting on the matter publicly.

While Twitch still has the most eyes on it when it comes to streaming content, if the platform isn’t careful moving forward, perhaps it could end up losing more of its most popular streamers such as Ninja. Even though Twitch certainly won’t become irrelevant any time soon, these poor decisions from the company could build up over time causing some to rethink where they might want to make their streaming home.

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