Nintendo Continuing Plans to Expand IP, Wants to Collaborate With Other Companies

Shigeru Miyamoto, in a Famitsu interview, reiterated how Nintendo wants to expand its IP to a variety of settings and not just video games.

Earlier this year, Shuntaro Fukukawa, the president of Nintendo had discussed the company’s plans to expand the Nintendo IP, allowing it to reach more audiences. He touched on how the mobile phone games, theme parks, the upcoming movie from Illumination and more are helping achieve this plan. In an interview with Famitsu, Shigeru Miyamoto he reiterates and also introduces another plan Nintendo has.

Translated by Nintendo Everything, ” We want to expand our video game characters to a variety of settings – not just in games, all while keeping their value. In other words, we’ll be collaborating with various other companies.” Miyamoto-san explains. “If we’re able to accomplish that, we can create more opportunities for people to make contact with our characters on a much larger scale than usual.”

It’ll be interesting to see what other avenues Nintendo explores to expand its IP reach. We’ve seen McDonald’s Happy Meal toys here in the UK, and there are theme parks in the works in partnership with Universal Studios. There’s also an animated movie in the works by Illumination which Miyamoto-san has explained why Nintendo chose to partner with the movie studio.

Nintendo has also pushed its way into the mobile game market, introducing Dragalia LostMario Kart Tour, and even Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Tatsumi Kimishima has explained that the company wants mobile games to be a pillar of revenue and an official brief details plans to partner with more developers to produce more mobile games.

At current, the company is no doubt preparing for the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and personally, an Animal Crossing hotel resort would not only be incredible and similar to Atari’s weird hotel venture, but it’d be a great way of expanding the company IP to holiday-goers.

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