Nintendo Has Filed a Patent For a Hinged Joy-Con Controller

Nintendo has filed a patent for some weird looking Joy-Cons that have a hinge on the top of them that can bend up and down.

First things first, Nintendo and other gaming companies file patents all of the time. There are plenty we don’t see as well as plenty we do see but won’t make it to an official product. So, don’t take this patent featuring a hinged Joy-Con controller as a product that will release.

In the pictures below (via Nintendo Life), you can see that the top half of each Joy-Con is angled downwards just a bit. I am not sure how comfortable this would be but I would imagine this might be for someone with a bit bigger hands. I know that my hands do become a little cramped at times because of how small the Joy-Cons are so this patent might help some.

Hinged Joy-Con

Hinged Joy-Con

Hinged Joy-Con

There have already been some small changes internally made to the Switch’s tiny controllers. However, the Joy-Cons have really looked the same since the switch launched so if this patent comes reality, this would be the first change of its appearance.

Nintendo is always trying to innovate and to come up with something new that we haven’t seen before. I am not too positive that we have seen a controller before with a hinge on it? Nintendo usually makes great quality controllers so I would imagine that this would be in the same category. I would also imagine that this Joy-Con patent would solve some drifting issues since it would be a new product. However, since new controllers are still having the problem, I doubt it would.

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