Nintendo Is Releasing New Joy-Con Colors for the Switch

They might not fix the Joy-Con drift problem, but they certainly look nice.

Nintendo has just announced another new set of Joy-Con colors. We’re looking at blue/neon yellow and neon purple/neon orange pairs this time. Looks like they’re trying to capture every color in the rainbow and then some.

The new colors will be available for purchase on Oct. 4 this year. They’ll run you $79.99.

They look nice but don’t hold a candle to some fan creations we’ve seen. I’ll save my enthusiasm (and money) for when we see something of the quality that these classic Nintendo themed Joy-Cons bring. The GameCube themed one is especially neat looking. If nostalgia doesn’t appeal to you and you’re looking for something more practical instead, check out these Joy-Cons that you can stab something with.

Still, even these designs don’t fix a growing issue–Joy-Con drift. Drift is when a stick on a controller gets dislodged from its centered position. It usually only moves a minuscule amount, so you can’t tell when it’s out of place by looking at it. The best way to tell is to start up a game and set your controller down. If you or the camera start moving around without touching anything, one of your sticks has drifted. Gunk buildup over a long period of time is a common cause.

Fixing drift is usually as simple as sending the controller back to its manufacturer. It’s relatively cheap, but the problem is that that’s really annoying. Joy-Con drift has become so common so fast that people understandably don’t want to be without them for a couple of weeks only to have the problem return a few months down the line.

Since Nintendo is clearly paying attention to the Joy-Con with these new colors, there’s hope that they’ll address the issue soon.

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