Nintendo Reveals Mario Kart Tour Subscription Service “Gold Pass”

Mario Kart Tour is rolling out onto mobile devices today, and there’s a subscription model available if you want extra goodies.

Mario Kart Tour is revving its engines and is landing on iOS and Android devices today after initially being announced back in 2018 by Nintendo. With the fresh launch, there’s also a subscription service that is available to grab, allowing players to receive in-game rewards and new features.

If racing around a free version of the mobile version of Mario Kart doesn’t quite do it for you, Mario Kart Tour has what is called “Gold Pass”. This is a subscription service —paid monthly— and unlocks in-game rewards ranging from Gold Gifts, badges to show off next to your player name, and 200cc which is the fastest race mode available only to those with Gold Pass. At current, the only race types freely available are 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc.

This subscription will cost you $4.99 a month, however for the first two weeks starting from when you subscribe, you’ll be able to experience the Gold Pass for free. Once the free trial ends you’ll be charged the monthly figure. If you cancel your Gold Pass you’ll be able to use the items and benefits you gained whilst you were subscribed, but not receive anything from the Gold Pass service until you re-subscribe.

In Mario Kart Tour you’ll be able to unlock new racers, karts, and gliders. The game uses tours which last for two weeks and seems to consist of four tracks. The first tour is in New York, and in two weeks time, another tour will begin. You won’t be able to jump right in and get subscribed to the service right away as most of the shop and features are locked off until you complete the first cup. You also need an online connection as well as an active Nintendo Account to play.

We learned earlier this year that Mario Kart Tour seemed to include pay-to-win mechanics, and we’ve seen some trailers showing what to expect from the gameplay. I’ve had a play with the vertical-focused racing and personally, it feels nice to play but the turning sensitivity seems a bit rough at the moment.

Mario Kart Tour is rolling out today for iOS and Android. You can learn more about the Gold Pass here.

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