Nintendo Switch Lite Coral Edition Will Launch in the West This April

Nintendo of America has announced that the Nintendo Switch Lite coral edition will be arriving to the West in April after its Japan launch.

Yesterday we reported that Nintendo had announced a brand new Nintendo Switch Lite color that would be available for Japan. The new coral color is the fourth color and the first full-color console to join the family since launch. Yesterday, Nintendo of America announced that the console is indeed coming to the West and it’ll be available a month later than Japan.

In Japan, the console will be available in March. However, for the West, we’re going to be able to get our hands on it on April 3 and it’ll be available for $199.99.

The console doesn’t seem to have any changes to the hardware and seems to purely be a visual change. The Nintendo Switch Lite consoles are a more portable version of the Nintendo Switch console. They’re a bit smaller and come with the controllers integrated into the system rather than being capable of being detached.

The coronavirus outbreak is currently causing issues with Nintendo in regards to production and shipping to Japan. While it was originally said that the rest of the world shouldn’t see issues arise, things seem to be changing. Yesterday Bloomberg reported that Nintendo may start to see Switch shortages worldwide because of component shortages in China due to the virus that has now affected Nintendo’s manufacturing firm in Vietnam.

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