Nintendo Switch Lite Officially Announced by Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Lite is launching worldwide on September 20.

Nintendo revealed today the Nintendo Switch Lite, releasing worldwide on September 20. Nintendo Switch Lite is a version dedicated to handheld gaming and will launch with a $200 pricetag. Three differently colored models will be available at launch, Yellow, Grey, and Turquoise.

Nintendo Switch Lite’s joy-cons aren’t detachable, you can’t connect it to your TV and it’s smaller in size than the original, with a 5.5-inch, 720-pixels screen. You can technically still play motion gameplay using games on the Switch Lite, by pairing it to other detachable joy-cons you may own.

Nintendo published a video introducing the Nintendo Switch Lite and its differences with the original Nintendo Switch, you can find it below. This reveal came after months of rumors on a declination of the Switch. Coupled with Nintendo’s history of releasing new models for its handhelds, this is far from surprising.

Many might say this new version of the hardware defeats the point of a “Switch”, but this is far from the first time Nintendo releases a new hardware model without a specific function the original hardware was marketed with. The biggest and most recent example is the Nintendo 3D, and its Nintendo 2DS declination, which didn’t include the 3D function.

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