Nintendo Switch Lite Was Leaked in April but People Thought It Was Fake

An image of the Nintendo Switch Lite was out on the internet for a long time, but those that saw it thought nothing of it.

Nintendo recently announced the Nintendo Switch Lite, a cheaper handheld only version of the Nintendo Switch that is smaller and has fewer features. The device has received a relatively positive reception, but apparently, this was not the first time the Lite had been seen. According to a Reddit post, a Twitter user shared a photo of the device back in April this year and no one took it seriously.

The Twitter user, Piranha Capital, shared the photo on their social media on April 17. At the time, Capital explained in the comments that they found the photo on a Chinese social media account. They were also unsure as to whether or not the device was real, but decided to share the photo nonetheless. For the few that saw this leak when it came out, a lot of them didn’t believe it to be true. The account where they found the photo originally deleted the photo later that same day.

Obviously, this did not get to mainstream attention. There were ongoing rumors and reports that Nintendo was working on a cheaper model for the Switch as well as an upgraded version similar to the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, but people did not pay as much attention to this specific leak.

Even though this is all in the past and we now officially know that the new handheld is coming it is funny to find out in retrospect that it was sitting on Twitter all this time. Pre-orders are not available yet, but you can expect the Nintendo Switch Lite to release on September 20 later this year, the same day as The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. 

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