Nioh 2 New Screenshots Reveal Nohime, Yoshimoto Imagawa

New Nioh 2 screenshots introducing Yoshimoto Imagawa (voiced by Freezer) and returning character Nohime (voiced by Lacus).

Koei Tecmo revealed new info on Nioh 2 via this week’s Famitsu magazine. The nice thing is how Famitsu, in an extremely rare move, published a video with all the info translated in English through the closed captions.

The info most notably reveals two new Nioh 2 characters. The first one is Yoshimoto Imagawa, voiced by the legendary Ryusei Nakao. Yoshimoto has a Guardian Spirit in the form of a giant elephant named Rokugezo. The second character is the yuki-onna Nohime, who already made an appearance in the first game, and is voiced by Rie Tanaka, another hugely popular seiyuu.

You can check out Famitsu’s video below. Be sure to activate the closed captions at the bottom left. The screenshots shown in the video are also included in the gallery below.

Koei Tecmo will be launching Nioh 2 in early 2020 on PS4. A new closed beta is coming in November. Koei Tecmo also teased William will be returning in Nioh 2 in some way.

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