Nioh 2 New Trailer Reveals Early 2020 Release Window

Nioh 2 now has a launch window and it’s planned to hit PS4 come early next year.

To coincide with the start of Tokyo Game Show 2019, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja today released a new trailer for Nioh 2, and it continues to look excellent.

The new trailer, which is entirely in Japanese, seems to focus largely on the narrative that Nioh 2 will tell. We also see some new snippets of gameplay as well, and it continues to look just as flashy and violent as before. It’s also worth noting that the graphics and animations that we see in this video look much better than the original Nioh. That’s not to say the first game looked poor, either, but it just seems that the bar has been raised here in the sequel.

Likely the most important piece of information divulged in the trailer comes at the end where it was revealed that Nioh 2 is planned to launch on PS4 early in 2020. This is the first release date information we’ve heard about the game and it’s coming sooner than I think many may have expected. It’s also yet another game that is releasing in the early part of next year alongside other juggernauts like Final Fantasy VII RemakeCyberpunk 2077, and many, many others. I already have anxiety just thinking about the sheer number of games that are dropping early next year.

If you want to check out the new TGS trailer for Nioh 2, you can find it down below. The game will be coming exclusively to PS4 when it arrives in 2020.

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