No Man's Sky now has dashboard bobbleheads for your ships

But the community needs to unlock them first.

“Whilst we continue to work on more radical things longer term in the background,” said Hello Games following No Man’s Sky’s Living Ship update last month, “we are experimenting with releasing content we know the community would enjoy as soon as we’re able.” And here we are, several weeks later, with dashboard bobbleheads wobbling all over the place.

Those that fancy sprucing up their No Man’s Sky starship interior with a wobbly bobbly for some lo-fi long-haul amusement will first need to do a bit of work. No Man’s Sky’s initial two bobblehead variants – inspired by overseers Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada – will unlock as progress is made on the game’s latest Universal Community Research Project.

Players wishing to assist the global effort to access Polo and Nada can do so by participating in any multiplayer mission listed in the Space Anomaly’s Nexus terminal. As more of these are complete, the Research Project progress meter will rise, with Polo becoming available from the Quicksilver Bot once Tier 1 has been reached, and Entity Nada unlocking at Tier 2.

Once available, dashboard bobbleheads can be installed in any starship cockpit, delighting travel-weary spacefarers with their seductively top-heavy sway.

Hello Games also notes that, following the completion of No Man’s Sky previous research project, the Entwining Tree, Umbrella Tree, and Writhing Bush decorations are all now available for purchase from the Quicksilver robot, and can be used to liven up any base in need to landscaping. At this point, I’ve given up trying to second guess what’s next for No Man’s Sky.

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