No, Nemesis Won’t Be Able to Break Into Safe Rooms in Resident Evil 3

Worry not, as not even Nemesis will be able to jump you when you find yourself in one of Resident Evil 3’s safe rooms.

Earlier this morning, reports started making the rounds claiming that Nemesis, the main antagonist from Resident Evil 3, would be able to break into safe rooms in the upcoming remake of RE3. If you’ve played a Resident Evil game before, you’ll know that safe rooms are areas in each of the games in which you can save your progress and are typically the only locations in which you can briefly find solace from the zombies that almost constantly are pursuing you. Well, it turns out, that even Nemesis himself won’t be able to barge in on you while you’re in one of these safe havens after all.

In a follow-up story from GamesRadar, it was confirmed that Nemesis won’t in fact be able to break in on you if you happen to be cooped up in a safe room. It seems that the confusion came about when during a hands-on demo of the game, Official Xbox Magazine stated that Nemesis broke in on them while Jill Valentine happened to be in a location that contained a typewriter, the item that is used to save your progress in Resident Evil 3. However, the location in which this happened wasn’t a safe room in particular. Instead, it just happened to be a point in the game which allowed you to save the game before advancing.

The surefire way to tell whether or not you’re actually in a safe room in an RE game is to listen for the music. Historically in the series, soothing music will be playing in the background whenever you find yourself in an actual safe room. This has long been one of the staples of the franchise, even in newer entries such as Resident Evil 7 and last year’s remake of Resident Evil 2. If you hear that calming music, you can indeed relax for a few moments.

Still, just because Nemesis won’t be able to get his hands on you in safe room locations of Resident Evil 3 doesn’t mean he’ll be any less of a dangerous foe. If you’ve never played the original RE3, Nemesis is known for being the most relentless and horrifying character in the franchise due to how aggressively he pursues Jill Valentine and company throughout the game. In this upcoming remake, that obsession that Nemesis has with Jill seems to be amplified even further. If you find yourself in a safe room in RE3, enjoy it, because that’s likely the only time you’ll truly be able to escape from Nemesis.

Resident Evil 3 is set to launch next month on April 3 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned for more of our coverage on Capcom’s latest RE remake as we get closer to release.

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