Nomanda Studio’s Stunning Gris Comes to iOS and iPad Later This Month

Gris comes to iOS and iPad on August 22 after becoming a quick success story on Nintendo Switch and PC late last year.

When Gris launched on Nintendo Switch and PC in late 2018, it immediately became a critical and commercial success, turning a profit in its first week on the market. The game is an absolute stunner, boasting some of the most captivating visuals of last year. Now, more gamers will be able to enjoy Nomanda’s masterpiece as the game will launch on iOS and iPad later this month.

Gris is a beautiful tale that that isn’t afraid to tackle tough issues. Our reviewer gave the original release a 9.5 score, and that was certainly not an outlier. On the surface, the game is a relatively simple 2D platformer. However, that’s selling the game quite short, as the things it pulls off within that genre are exceptional. The platforming comes together with the story and visuals to produce something special.

Putting Gris on iOS and iPad is an excellent choice. The game is simple enough that the controls should translate to a touchscreen without much fuss. Plus, it’s an experience that more people should probably play. Expanding how many platforms the game is available on will make it much easier for all kinds of gamers to jump in. As of March, the game had sold over 300,00 copies. I expect that number to jump up quite a bit when the game comes to Apple devices.

Gris comes to iOS and iPad on August 22. It’s currently available on Nintendo Switch and PC if you don’t want to wait.

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