Numskull Designs Reveal This Year’s Geeky Christmas Sweaters

Numskull Designs has announced a new range of Christmas sweaters for 2019, bringing popular gaming, films, and comic culture to the ugly sweater season.

As Halloween preparations begin and everyone changes their Twitter handles to spoopy variations of their names, Numskull Designs are introducing a range of Christmas sweaters. These sweaters, of course, will feature popular video games, TV shows, and comics so you can look like a major fan when sitting down with some eggnog this year.

Numskull Designs has previously launched a range of Christmas Sweaters, offering designs for Crash Bandicoot, Star Wars, Fallout, Assassin’s Creed, Harry Potter, and more. The new range of sweaters will add to the current range, but at current, a few are exclusively available to

Batman, Ghostbusters, and Gremlins are some of the movie-themed sweaters this year. Gaming sweaters introduce an Xbox-themed sweater alongside Spyro the Dragon, Fallout, Mario, and even a Princess Peach one.

There are also two sweaters suited for kids, one being a Harry Potter-themed sweater, the other a snowy DC comics-inspired sweater.

The sweaters from Numskull Designs are made from premium quality yarn and are 100% knitted. The full range of sweaters available can be found on the GeekStore website and are available to pre-order. Delivery is estimated to arrive in mid or late October.

Numskull Designs recently announced Tubbz, a range of rubber ducks themed after popular video game characters. Earlier this year, the company formed Numskull Games with plans to bring new titles to digital and retail, with additional plans to bring existing digital-only games to retail. We’ve already seen Numskull Games announce they’re producing the physical version of the Deadly Premonition Origins title for Nintendo Switch.

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