Octopath Traveler and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Finally Cross Over

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Octopath Traveler are finally crossing over between today and September 5.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, one of Square Enix’s most successful mobile games, is no stranger to crossovers. It has crossed over with everything from other Square Enix franchises like Valkyrie Profile and Tomb Raider to singers like Katy Perry. That being said, one game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has yet to crossover with is Octopath Traveler, which came out on Nintendo Switch in 2018 and PC back in June. This finally changed today though, as the game’s first crossover with Octopath Traveler has begun.

This Octopath Traveler and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius crossover begins today and will be running until September 5, 2019. The biggest draw of this expansion is probably that players will be able to summon Olberic, Primrose, Therion, and Tressa through a limited time banner. While it’s a shame that all eight main characters from Octopath Traveler aren’t playable, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’ developers are probably leaving room for future crossovers.

In addition to those four summons, a new Raid Boss and Trial Boss have also been added. The Raid Boss is Gaston and his Brigands, who players defeat to gain raid coins. The Trial Boss will be the Blotted Viper, though they will not be available to fight until August 30. It is clear that this crossover is clearly only scratching the surface of what Brave Exvius’ developers can pull from Octopath Traveler, so you should definitely keep your eye out for another crossover in the future.

For those of you interested in either game, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available on iOS and Android while Octopath Traveler can be played on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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