Octopath Traveler Prequel Mobile Game English Version Teased by Square Enix

Mobile RPG Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha will take around 60 hours to complete at launch.

Square Enix published new information on Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha, an upcoming mobile game serving as a prequel to the critically acclaimed, and in my opinion overrated, Switch and now PC JRPG by Acquire.

Answering questions from fans, the following message was published on the game’s official twitter account:

“Thank you for your enquiry concerning our products. The reason we started creating this game was because we would like more and more people to immerse themselves in the world of OCTOPATH TRAVELER. We would definitely like to provide various opportunities for our players. However, at the moment we are doing our best in order to accomplish the Japanese domestic version. About other development plans, please wait for further information.”

In short, the Octopath development team is focusing on finishing the game and releasing it in Japan first, and an English version should be announced later on.

In similar Q&A messages, it was also revealed the main story of Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha takes around 60 hours to complete. As the game will have an ending included at launch. Square Enix already stated that while it still has microtransactions, it’s an actual, “normal” JRPG. Moreover, additional story content will be regularly added after release.

Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha, which can be translated to “Champions of the Continent”, was revealed in early 2019 by Square Enix. While similar, it’s quite different from the original game, like with how it features eighth characters in battle instead of four. The game has three different stories to start from. We ‘ve detailed them in a previous article.

Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha is scheduled to launch in 2019 in Japan for iOS and Android. The game already had a beta test. Octopath Traveler also recently had a collaboration event with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Square Enix also stated a new console Octopath Traveler game is in development, and that we should play the mobile game while waiting for it.

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