Oculus Quest Will Be Able to Play Rift Games With Oculus Link

Using the Oculus Link, owners of the Oculus Quest will be able to play Rift games—and that’s only one of many Quest announcements from today.

Pretty soon, owners of the Oculus Quest headset will pretty much be able to have it all, courtesy of the newly-announced Oculus Link software. Using a high-quality (and probably super long) USB cable, Quest users can play with and experience Oculus Rift content through their gaming PC—all while keeping the Quest’s trademarked and lauded portability intact. The news came out of today’s Oculus Connect 6 event.

The Link announcement comes with a number of planned additions to Oculus Quest software; as described in an official blog post, hand tracking will be arriving on the Quest in early 2020, with no need for controllers, gloves, sensors, or a PC—just your own damn hands. The feature will make use of the Quest’s onboard cameras as they capture the positions of the user’s fingers and hands, as further detailed in another blog post.

Along with support for Oculus Rift software comes the arrival of apps from Oculus Go. The Go has been on the lower end of Oculus offerings, but the hardware has gained a number of useful and popular apps for playing games, talking to friends, and watching video content like movies and television shows. More than 50 Go apps will be available on the Quest starting next week, and any apps you already own on the Go will be available on Quest for free until the end of the year.

Speaking of watching movies and television shows, updates to the Oculus Quest will allow users to watch their content in “environments that won’t work with the standard inside-out tracking,” namely dark or dimly-lit rooms. Users can now turn off tracking in their settings and make viewing content a much more casual and comfortable experience. And finally, Passthrough+ will give users “a stereo-correct, real-time view of their surroundings while in VR” starting next week, if you want a better view of your surroundings without removing your headset.

In terms of actual video game news, OC6 also revealed a VR Medal of Honor game from Respawn Entertainment and a release date for Insomniac’s Stormland. Regarding the Oculus Quest, you can read thoughts on it from our very own Cameron Hawkins right here.

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