Omega Labyrinth Life Will Release for PS4 and Switch in the West as Well this August

The PS4 version of the game will simply be known as Labyrinth Life when it comes to North America and Europe on August 1.

Last year, Omega Labyrinth Life Producer Yosuke Uchida told DualShockers in an interview that Matrix Corporation and D3 Publisher would “like to release the game in the United States and Europe.” Well, those hopes are coming to fruition soon as D3 Publisher just confirmed that Omega Labyrinth Life and Labyrinth Life are releasing for Nintendo Switch and PS4, respectively, on the same day as the Japanese versions.

That day is August 1, 2019. Interestingly, the developers chose to release it then as August 1 is jokingly called “boobs day” by some in Japan because the pronunciation of the date is pronounced similarly. For a game that has players allow players to grow the size of their party member’s breasts by accumulating “omega power,” I would say releasing Omega Labyrinth Life and Labyrinth Life on that day is fitting.

Just like in Japan, the western version of the game sees a name change to just Labyrinth Life. Following the series’ tumultuous censorship issues on Sony’s system, Labyrinth Life will be self-censored as it lacks some of the controversial systems that are in the Switch release. If you do not mind that those things that are cut though, Labyrinth Life is still the turn-based JRPG roguelike that many fans of the series are anticipating.

Check out trailer unveiling the western ports for yourself below. Omega Labyrinth Life for Nintendo Switch and Labyrinth Life for PS4 will be hitting their respective platforms in Japan, North America, and Europe on August 1.

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