Overwatch Comes on Top in Pornhub’s Year in Review for Video Game Searches 

Overwatch takes last years lead from Fortnite for the most searched for video game on Pornhub. Meanwhile, Apex Legends shoots up the charts.

Last year we reported that Bowsette (The combination of Princess Peach and Bowser) and Fortnite topped the charts when it came to Pornhub’s year in review for 2018. Thanks to VG247, I have been reminded that this is a thing, and so I’m excited to share with you this year’s year in review from Pornhub.

According to the official blog which shows off fancy statistics from user activities throughout 2019, the searches that defined 2019 include Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends. The game sits at number 8, just above ASMR.

However, Overwatch was this year’s most searched for video game on Pornhub, taking the top spot from Fortnite, but only just as Epic Games’ Battle Royale title sits in second place.

Pokemon and Minecraft come in at number 3 and number 4, but Apex Legends rubs up past the rest of the list into number 5. According to a dedicated blog post surrounding the Apex Legends searches, back on February 6, there were 800 searches for the new Battle Royale competitor. A week later the game had exceeded 10,000 searches a day, and then by February 18, the website saw 357,701 searches in a single.

Additionally, it seems that Wraith, the legend capable of teleporting, was the most searched for character. However,  throughout the year, Zelda is riding on top of the “Most searched for video game characters”. Lara Croft, and D. Va from Overwatch hop on in number 2 and number 3. Bowsette does make the list again this year, but so does the Kajhit race from Skyrim, and once again…Pikachu.

If you’re curious about which video game console was the most popular for browsing all of this utter filth, then you’re in luck. According to the stats, this year PlayStation users brought in the most traffic (51.5%) in comparison to other platforms. Xbox slid in at 34.7%, with PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS and WiiU bringing in the least traffic. Yes, the 3DS.

So that’s another year of wondering what video games are going to be trending on a porn website out of the way. Onwards to 2020 where I hope to see DOOM making the charts.

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