Overwatch is officially putting an end to the GOATS meta

Plans for 2-2-2 role lock leaked.

If you watched any of the recent stage of Overwatch League, you’ll know exactly what the GOATS meta is, and why it’s about time that Blizzard did something about it.

For those a little shakey on their pro-level Overwatch, GOATS is (or was) a team composition which consisted of players picking three tank heroes and three healers – typically D.Va, Zarya, Reinhardt, Moira, Lúcio and Brigitte – and named for the Overwatch Contenders team that first used it to storm their way to victory.

It was a stupidly strong combination, so strong in fact that the best way to counter it was just to play GOATS against it. Unfortunately, this led to match after match after match of watching what was pretty much the same thing every time you tuned into an Overwatch League stream. However, thanks to a leak on the official Overwatch League website, the reign of GOATS and its stale gameplay is no more.

A video for what’s supposed to be tonight’s Watchpoint was leaked yesterday before quickly being taken down, discussing a new announcement for both a 2-2-2 role lock in OWL and a role queue coming to regular competitive play.

Thanks to a few quick reddit users who grabbed screenshots of the rule change before the video was taken down, the new rules for OWL are as follows:

  • All compositions will be two DPS, two tanks, and two supports
  • Players will not be able to change roles during a map, but they will be able to change hero within their role
  • Players will be able to change roles between maps
  • Facing the audience players will be seated, two DPS, two tanks, two supports, and if players change roles between a map they’ll have to switch seats
Posted on r/Competitiveoverwatch u/siempreviper.

So what does this mean for Overwatch? Well, for fans of Overleague League it means our favourite DPS players can return to the characters they play the best, and bring out more frequent and incredible plays like these. As well as this, we’ll be able to watch how the score tables turn, to see which teams will come out on top with new compositions after refining their GOATS play for so long.

Though the details weren’t discussed in the Watchpoint episode, for regular competitive players it will likely mean that you’re able to start queuing for matches as your chosen role, and you can expect an announcement about it at some point today.

The role lock seems like a bit of a cop out for Blizzard not being able to balance their game properly, and it will take away a little of the creativity that often comes from unusual team compositions. I’m not knocking the new ruleset completely though – there’s no doubt it’ll make Overwatch League exciting to watch again, and make normal competitive play a bit more bearable when your team can’t insta-lock three snipers and a Genji.

Stage four of the Overwatch League starts from the 25th July, which is likely the first time we’ll see this new 2-2-2 role lock come into practice.

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