Patterned, the hit Apple Arcade puzzler, gets a sizeable Valentine's Day update

Patterned, Borederleap’s inventive puzzler, is arguably one the best games currently available on Apple Arcade. It’s chiefly concerned with chilling you out, immersing you in its patterns and sounds.

You’ll start out with a rough sketch that you gradually piece together, slowly building upon the pattern by adding in more colour and a clearer structure as you go. It’s sorta like putting together a jigsaw puzzle but infinitely more interesting and involving.

Now, the game has received some lovely Valentine’s Day content, new spring patterns, achievements, hidden puzzle elements, and accessibility features.

The latest puzzles feature artwork from the talented Helen Ahpornsiri, who specialises in the ‘Pteridomania’ pattern which is made from real pressed ferns.

There are now over 250 patterns to complete, though I wouldn’t advise blasting through them in a rush; it’s best played in bits and pieces whenever you feel the need to relax.

The update also adds new menu options featuring hidden patterns, favourites, and new sorting modes. On top of all that, the Share-a-Pattern feature allows you to share your love of the game with friends, and you can now adjust the brightness of each sketch to suit your preferences.

Patterned is available exclusively on Apple Arcade, which is currently priced at $4.99 per month.

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