Payday 3 Will Release Sometime Between 2022-2023 According to Starbreeze

During some reconstruction of the development studio, Starbreeze stated that Payday 3 will release sometime between 2022 and 2023.

The Swedish development studio Starbreeze stated that it will be releasing Payday 3 sometime in 2022 or 2023. Per Eurogamer, during a brutal reconstruction of the company that has seen staff leave and subsidiaries sold off, the company still has plans to continue with its popular series.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead on Steam didn’t get the recognition that Starbreeze thought it would and the development studio has been under threat ever since. Since the game didn’t sell so well, it has caused financial problems and the exiting of Bo Anderson, the previous CEO of the company.

In a recent note from Starbreeze, the company said it expects new publishing agreements to be arranged in 2020 as well as improved cash flow from 2022 on. The expectation of cash flow is based on the release of Payday 3, a publishing agreement of the third entry into the Payday series during the first half of 2020 and a financial backing from it, and finally the payment the company should receive from a publishing agreement of the mobile game Payday: Crime War.

Starbreeze also stated that it has transferred assets and personnel to two new companies: New Starbreeze Publishing AB and New Starbreeze Studios AB. The rights of some IP were transferred to New Starbreeze Publishing AB. The company stated: “It is in New Starbreeze Publishing AB that the Group’s cash flows will be generated.”

I am hoping that Starbreeze can make it to 2022 so that we can see the release of Payday 3. The first two games have always been a blast to play with a couple of buddies, so it would be sad if we don’t get another chance to play a new entry. Starbreeze intends to continue to reconstruct the company and present its plan shortly. It will then send letters to creditors with settlement proposals.

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