Persona 5 Royal Gets New Trailer Highlighting Kasumi

Get another look at Persona 5 Royal just prior to its launch at the end of the month.

Ahead of its arrival in just a few short weeks, Atlus has today let loose a new trailer for the updated iteration Persona 5, the hotly-anticipated Persona 5 Royal.

The trailer, which is titled “Change the World,” is only about one minute long in length and gives the general overview of the plot behind the game. We get to see nearly every member of The Phantom Thieves along with learning about their overall goal. If you have no knowledge of the overall narrative of Persona 5, this video gives you a good introduction to the main cast, some of the villains, and the Palaces that you’ll be venturing to.

Perhaps most notably, though, this trailer also gives us a look at the newest Phantom Thief in Persona 5 Royal, that of Kasumi Yoshizawa. Kasumi is an all-new character in Royal that wasn’t in the original game and is a first-year student at the same school that the game’s main protagonist, Joker, also attends. This new trailer begins with Kasumi front and center before then highlighting her a few additional times more throughout.

In other Persona 5 Royal news, we recently were able to go hands-on with the game prior to launch and came away very impressed with what we saw. While Royal largely is the same game as it was before, the changes that Atlus has implemented seem to be an overall improvement to what made Persona 5 so great to begin with.

Persona 5 Royal will finally land in the west here later this month on March 31, exclusively on PS4. Stay tuned for our full impressions of the game soon.

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