Persona 5 Royal Install Size Revealed via Sample Box Art Images

Persona 5 Royal is around 10 GB bigger than the original Persona 5.

While some will be enjoying Haloween on October 31, others like me are planning to stay home and enjoy Persona 5 Royal, releasing on that day in Japan. As we’re getting closer and closer to release, Japanese shops started displaying sample packaged version of the game, giving us a look at the backside of the case. The interesting thing revealed with that is how Persona 5 Royal’s install is around 30 GB. This is 10GB more than the original Persona 5.

Persona 5 Royal Install Size Revealed via Sample Box Art Images

This makes a lot of sense seeing all the new additions of the game. Well, none of these additions are a huge surprise. Like, Kasumi didn’t turn out to be a female protagonist for example. But we still have things like My Palace mode or the new playable part and Palace, so Atlus seems to be delivering us a good enhanced version. Anyway, I’ll be sharing my impressions of Persona 5 Royal in an editorial soon after release, so stay tuned.

PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal launches in Spring 2020 in the west, possibly in March.

Atlus scheduled a special live stream on October 30, at 1900 JST (click here for time conversions) to wait for Persona 5 Royal‘s launch at midnight JST.

We’re also getting news on the Switch, PS4 Musou game Persona 5 Scramble on October 24.

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