Persona 5 Royal Morgana Won’t Be Telling You to Sleep as Much as in the Original

Joker will have more occasions for night activities like reading, studying, or playing games in Persona 5 Royal.

Atlus revealed one more aspect of Persona 5 Royal through the official Persona Twitter. This will delight many fans of the original game: Morgana won’t be as insistent when it comes to going to sleep.

Atlus revealed that through the Ask Morgana Anything. A fan asked: “I know you’ll reprimand me Morgana, but can we go out more at night?”.
Morgana answered: “In P5R, you’ll have many more occasions to do night activities than in P5, like reading, studying, or watching DVDs with me. But there are times when we’ll be too tired for anything and we’ll go to sleep.”

The way Morgana often tells you to go to sleep is one of the biggest complaints about the original game, and one of its biggest running gags among the fandom. (Though I’ve personally never found it bothersome.) Moreover, it’s always nice when a fan joke gets embraced by the developers this way. Especially when it’s something present both in the Japanese and English fandom.

Atlus recently revealed the second full-length trailer for Persona 5 Royal, showcasing new character José and a new Palace. The trailer is full of spoilers if you’ve never played the original Persona 5 though. Persona 5 Royal‘s second trailer was revealed during a live stream, where they showed live gameplay, Goro Akechi’s introduction trailer, and explained the new Mementos mechanics. Producer Wada also talked about Persona 5 Royal‘s streaming restrictions. You can check all of that in our article about the stream.

If you want to learn more about Persona 5 Royal, you can read our translations of the Morgana’s Report videos. Here’s the first one, the second one, and the third one. You can also watch the other character introduction trailers: KasumiRyuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto. Futaba, Haru, and Morgana.

PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and sometime in 2020 in the west.

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