Persona 5 Royal New Character Kasumi Yoshizawa Will Get All the DLC Costumes from the Original

Persona 5 Royal will also include brand new DLC costumes which will be revealed at a later date.

Morgana is still answering questions from fans on the official Persona twitter. On August 27, a new tweet revealed more on the DLC costumes which will be sold for Persona 5 Royal.

A fan nicknamed Sumire mentioned in their question how they loved changing the Phantom Thieves’ clothes with the costume DLCs in the original game. They asked if Persona 5 Royal will include new costume DLCs and if Kasumi will get her own versions of the original “old” DLCs.

Morgana answered that Persona 5 Royal will include new costume DLCs, which will be revealed later, because he didn’t steal info on it from Atlus yet. Morgana also confirmed new party member Kasumi Yoshizawa will get all the costume DLCs of the original game.

This means that as pictured,  Kasumi will also be getting the maid/butler costume DLC that the cast got in the original Persona 5. Kasumi looks extremely cute in it, and the screenshot shows her daring smile as she nails a critical hit.

Atlus previously mentioned that, at least in Japan, players who already bought the old costumes DLCs in the original Persona 5 will be able to get them again in Persona 5 Royal by repurchasing each pack of DLCs for 10 yen, which is next to nothing. This means we should be able to get all the “old” DLC costumes for Kasumi including the maid outfit for dirt cheap.

Personally speaking, I don’t particularly care about Kasumi’s default Phantom Thief outfit. I think it’s worth mentioning though that it actually makes sense for her to wear a leotard, seeing what’s explained about the cognitive world in the game’s story, and seeing her profile, as she does rhythmic gymnastics. The staff talked about this in an interview we covered. It’s actually a logical outfit, unlike most sexual fanservice-themed outfits in games not themed on this element in the first place and which may feel out of place. People who dislike her default outfit could always change it with the DLC.

New Persona 5 Royal gameplay and more will be revealed on August 30 during an event.

You can watch Persona 5 Royal‘s second trailer here, and check out our summary of the game’s first stream, where they showed Goro’s intro trailer and talked about many things such as streaming regulations. The latest introduction trailer was focused on Takuto Maruki, one of the new Confidant characters.

PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and in Spring 2020 in the west.

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