Persona 5 Royal x Star Ocean Anamnesis Trailers Showcases Makoto, Yu, Joker, Kasumi and Futaba

Trailers for each Persona character in SOA and the new Lotus Juice song made for the occasion.

Star Ocean Anamnesis rolled out the Persona 5 Royal collaboration event today, on October 10. Multiple trailers were released these past few hours for the occasion, showing each part of the collab. Not only Joker, Futaba, and Kasumi are joining in, Persona 3‘s protagonist Makoto Yuki and Persona 4‘s protagonist Yu Narukami are joining the fray too. A video showcasing Lotus Juice’s Stab Unjust, a song for the event, is also included below.

Multiple Persona themed accessories for the Star Ocean characters were added too, like a Morgana plushie. Gameplay videos for each character were also shared, you can find everything below. Futaba makes a G Gundam reference in her trailer. And as a reminder, Yusuke also appears in this story but isn’t playable.

The characters also made an appearance in the Star Ocean Anamnesis gag manga.

One of the interesting aspects of the event is how Futaba is actually playable and fighting too. This is the first time we ever see that, as Futaba has a Navigator role in Persona 5. According to the producers at Tokyo Game Show 2019, the event’s story, while not spoiling anything about Kasumi, will actually explain why Futaba can fight there. As a side note, we might see Futaba fighting again in Persona 5 Scramble, with more info coming on the game on October 24.

Star Ocean Anamnesis is only available in Japanese on iOS and Android as the English version closed down. The Persona 5 Royal x Star Ocean Anamnesis collaboration event will end on November 7. You have a bit less than a month if you wanna start playing the game and try challenging the idea of evil, the gacha, to get the Persona characters.

PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and in Spring 2020 in the west, possibly in March. We recently learned more about the new My Palace mode, and how it’ll even include bits from Persona series concerts.

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