Phoenix Suns Will Play NBA 2K on Twitch After NBA Coronavirus Suspension

With the NBA season suspended due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Phoenix Suns are going to simulate their season games in NBA 2K.

In the past few week alone, the outbreak of the coronavirus across the world has fundamentally shifted most of our day-to-day lives, from cancelling and postponing major events like E3 and SXSW to restricting and banning travel. This especially has been felt in the sports industry with the suspension of the NBA’s season this year among many others, but some teams (like the Phoenix Suns) are taking to other methods to play out their season games with the help of NBA 2K.

The Phoenix Suns stated on the team’s official Twitter account that the team will be playing out their remaining games of the season through NBA 2K on Twitch. The first of these virtual games will be taking place today on Twitch against the Dallas Mavericks, with future games originally planned in the season to follow in this format.

Given the circumstances around the coronavirus outbreak and its impacts worldwide, numerous sports leagues and organizations have either had to suspend or postpone their usual seasons and games in order to prevent further spreading the virus in mass gatherings. Aside from the NBA, other organizations that have postponed their seasons include the NHL, MBA, NCAA, and many others internationally.

Despite that, the Phoenix Suns have found an interesting workaround to continue to engage with fans despite the lack of in-person games to be played out this season. Though most likely it won’t be team members actually playing the game and will instead be simulated with computer-controlled teams, it’s still at least a way for Suns fans (or NBA fans as a whole) to get back their favorite sport in their lives during this situation.

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