PlayStation is Showcasing Titles Under Its China Hero Project Program This Week at ChinaJoy

Games in the China Hero Project will be receiving new information later this week in China.

PlayStation has confirmed that they will host a showcase at ChinaJoy focusing on games in their China Hero Project program. In the program, PlayStation helps start-up developers in China and other parts of Asia with the development of their games. The showcase will take place this Thursday, August 1 at 2:30am PST.

In the China Hero Project, there are numerous titles that are part of the program. However, Lost Soul Aside is arguably the most well-known title of the bunch. Originally, the game was presented by the creator Yang Bing with an impressive gameplay trailer in 2016. Soon after the release of the trailer, PlayStation took notice and decided to support the development of the game. Lost Soul Aside became one of the starting titles of the China Hero Project.

Since then, there have been few updates for the game. Last year, there was a demo available to play at GDC where it looked like the game was progressing well. Additionally, we got to sit down with Yang Bing to discuss his goals with Lost Soul Aside and how its development has progressed. Personally, Lost Soul Aside is one of my most anticipated titles so I hope we get some kind of update.

Earlier in March, PlayStation gave updates on some of the games while additionally bringing in seven new titles to the program. As of right now, there is no news as to whether Lost Soul Aside will be at the showcase. PlayStation has not specified which games will have a presence or how long it will be.

With the showcase taking place overnight for us in the United States you should be able to get all the updates on the official China Hero Project Twitter page. After the showcase is over, we will update you on all the important news and updates. You can view the Lost Soul Aside trailer below.

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