PlayStation May Be Looking to Acquire More Studios Beyond Insomniac

PlayStation implied at their latest earnings call that the studio is looking into acquiring more first-party studios after their acquisition of Insomniac.

In August, Sony announced they had acquired Insomniac, the studio behind titles like Spider-Man and Ratchet and Clank. With Wednesday’s second-quarter earnings call, we learned that the PlayStation team might be looking to bring more studios into the fold. This is especially big news with the PS5 launch looming next year.

PlayStation Worldwide Studios currently consists of 14 development studios around the world. Hiroki Totoki, senior EVP and CFO of PlayStation, made it sound like those teams might be adding more family members soon. “At the investor relations day (in May),” he said, “we mentioned that Sony’s strength lies in our first-party content and IP.” He went on to say that “going forward, we will continue to pursue growth investment opportunities that will enhance our own content IP.”

Of course, it’s tough to say exactly which studios Sony might be looking at. Some potential options that stand out might be Supermassive, Ready at Dawn, or Giant Sparrow. However, that’s just me throwing darts at studios I like. No matter what, it’s clear that both Sony and Microsoft are highly focused on bolstering their lineups as we near the next generation of consoles. Hopefully, this leads to more studios getting the funds they need to create next-gen experiences.

Sony also announced at the earnings call that the PS4 is officially the second best selling console of all time. It has surpassed both the Wii and the PS1, with only the PS2 ahead of it in the rankings. Of course, the PS2 sold over 155 million. So, the PS4 will need a lot of help to get it there. It currently sits at 102.8 million, just over 50 million short of the top slot. That said, second place behind PS2 is nothing to scoff at.

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