Plunder Pack is an Interesting Stealth-Strategy Game from Former Zoink Games Developers

Plunder Pack is a new stealth-strategy game from developers that have worked on Stick It To The Man, Ghost Giant, and Fe

In recent years, Zoink Games has put out many intriguing titles recently like Fe, Stick It To The Man, Flipping Death, and Ghost Giant. Following that success, Zoink Games’ former Concept Artist Sina Rahm, Game Designer Emil Nilsson, 3D and Technical Artist Christian Kähkönen, and Programmer Rasmus Jarl all left in 2018 to form a new studio in Moltala, Sweden called Friendly Fire as they “wanted to take the chance to develop [their] own passion projects.” Today, the studio finally came into the limelight and unveiled its first game: Plunder Pack.

This stealth-strategy game gives off some Sly Cooper and, surprisingly, Bonanza Bros. vibes, and follows a group of anthropomorphic aminals during their Robin Hood-like quest to take from the rich in order to give back to the poor. Plunder Pack’s core gameplay loop will have players scouting out locations and targets before choosing the right tools for the job and pulling off intricate heists. While only a few characters and gadgets are highlighted in Plunder Pack’s reveal trailer, Friendly Fire is promising that there will be more things to build and party members to find over the course of the game.

While not much else is known about the title at this time, Plunder Pack does show a lot of promise. You can check out a plethora of gameplay screenshots below to get a better idea of what the game looks like in action. Plunder Pack is expected to release for PC and unspecified consoles and mobile devices in early 2021.

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