Pokémon GO’s GO Snapshot Mode Now Available on Android

If you’ve been dying to take photos of your Pokémon you can now, as long as you’re on Android that is.

If you’ve been waiting patiently for the opportunity to snap photos of your treasured mobile Pokémon, you can now do so if you’re an Android user. The update for Pokémon GO’s GO Snapshot mode went live earlier today, but only for Android devices.

The new mode will allow you to jump to select the available Pokémon that you’ve caught and access the camera. You’ll be able to make the most of your phone’s camera by placing a to-scale character into the world through AR technology.

Looking at them works similarly to when catching them, but only without the catching and allows you to relax and spend some time with your favorites as they stand around posing. If they don’t look at you then you can just get their attention.

You can position them anywhere in the AR space and you can make them pose too as you’ll be able to walk around them to get the best angle. Basically, you’ll be able to become a Pokémon photographer, and seeing as we’ve seen people quit their real-life jobs to go hunting full-time I wouldn’t be surprised if we see professional Pokémon photographers!

The limitations are that you have to be a Level 5 Trainer in order to use the feature. Also, Trainers using iOS are being told to “stay tuned”, and hopefully, because I’m dying to use it, it’ll arrive soon.

If you’re currently playing, you stand a chance at catching a Shiny Meltan which is available to find until March 4 and will be transferable to Pokémon Let’s GO titles.

Pokémon GO is available on iOS and Android.

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