Pokemon Masters cheats, tips – Full list of EVERY Pokémon sync-pair

Pokémon Masters has been out in the wild for a little while now, and if you haven’t downloaded the game and tried to become a Pokémon Master for yourself, then you really should. Pokémon Masters gives the beloved characters of the mainline Pokémon games some well deserved time in the spotlight, while also offering one the best Pokémon battling games you can currently play on mobile.

There’s a big story mode, loads of dialogue to partake in, and dozens of battles. Best of all though are all of the trainers and Pokémon you will come across on your adventure – and we’ve got a list of all of them right here.

In Pokémon Masters, you start off with just Pikachu as a pal, but you will meet other trainers on your journey and they will end up joining you on your mission to crush the league and become the new champion, of course. It’s all down to you and your friends, and the more friends you have, the better the position you find yourself in.

Pokémon Masters is a gacha game, and that means you’ll be summoning sync-pairs, which is a trainer and a Pokémon. Having a wide variety of sync-pairs in important, and will give you an edge when you need a pair which will result in a super effective hit.

In my review, I said; “Pokémon Masters is an ambitious game that has made plenty of mistakes along the way. It’s a lot of fun, with a lot of caveats. If you want to see the famous gym leaders and trainers of the mainline series come together and interact, then it’s a blast. If not, then stay away.”

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Read on for every single sync-pair in Pokémon Masters, sorted by three, four, and five star sync-pairs.


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