Pokémon Sword and Shield has an Industrial Revolution Weezing and hangry hamster

New rivals, Galarian forms and Pok Jobs detailed.

If you thought Pokmon Go’s shadow Pokmon were already channeling naughties era emo, wait until you see the Galarian region forms for Pokmon Sword and Shield. In a new video posted today, the Pokmon Company showed off some of the forms for the upcoming mainline games, along with a new rival team and a hangry hamster. Yes, really.

First up we have Galarian Weezing, which looks like it was heavily inspired by the industrial revolution – check out the top hats with chimneys at the top. Judging by the Twitter reaction, it’s already looking like this one will be a crowd favourite.

Zigzagoon and Linoone, meanwhile, both seem to have contracted pink eye, something that appears to have enraged Linoone so much it can now evolve into its chonkier form, Obstagoon. Hopefully the badger cull isn’t happening this year.

A new Galar region Pokmon has also been revealed, and on the surface, this little guy looks pretty cute. Named Morpeko, when in “full belly mode” this little hamster has an electric move called Aura Wheel – but watch out, as its hunger switch ability allows it to switch into something called hangry mode, which changes the wheel move to dark type. That looks like it’d give even Team Rocket a run for their money.

Along with the emo-looking Galarian Pokmon forms, the video shows off two new rivals: Bede and Marnie, the latter of which comes with her own group of punk-rocker grunts called Team Yell. If you want to read up on the Galarian forms, make sure to check out the explainer page over here.

Meanwhile, outside the trailer, a page has appeared on the Pokmon website, which details a new feature for Pokmon Sword and Shield: Pok Jobs. According to the description, players can check available jobs in Pokmon Centres, where you can help out corporations and universities with some work. You can select specific Pokmon to help with jobs such as construction work, cooking and farming, and in return the Pokmon will come back “having grown from the experience” with rewards such as Exp. points or base points, “depending on how long they’ve worked and their types”.

All hands on deck after Brexit, I suppose.

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