Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveals Gigantamaxing, New Pokemon and Gym Leaders

Two new gym leaders, three new Pokemon, and Gigantamaxing have been revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield

Today, Pokemon Sword and Shield received their first major information dump since the games’ appearance at E3 2019 via a lengthy trailer. Not only did this new trailer reveal some new Pokemon, characters, and version exclusive gym leaders, it also revealed Gigantamaxing, and even greater stage of the previously revealed Dynamaxing that allows Pokemon to grow in size and gain access to new moves. Check the trailer out for yourself below:

When players decide to Gigantamax a Pokemon, its appearance will actually change slightly when it grows. Once they are in the Gigantamax state, the Pokemon that can do so will gain access to a type-specific G-Max Move. It is certainly set to add another interesting layer onto the battles it is allowed in, and blends together elements of previews gimmicks like Mega Evolution and Z-Moves in interesting ways. Art has been released of the three Pokemon known to Gigantamax so far, so you can check them out below:

As for new characters, four have been shown off. Two of them work for the Pokemon League: Chairman Rose and his secretary Oleana. Personally, they seem to look the most mysterious and sketchy of the characters so far and I would not be surprised if they ended up being the game’s true villains. The other two characters are Bea and Allister, who are version exclusive gym leaders. In Pokemon Sword, players will face Bea and her fighting type Pokemon; meanwhile, those playing Pokemon Shield will encounter Allister and his ghost types. I had the chance to face the water type gym leader Nessa at E3, so you can check out my impressions of that gym if you want to know how they work in this game. Here is some art of the new characters revealed today:

While Pokemon Sword and Shield will not include every Pokemon, much to many fans’ chagrin, there are still quite a few new ones. This trailer showcases Yamper, the electric type corgi-inspired Pokemon that has an ability that lets it retrieve failed Pokeballs, as well as three others. The first is Alcremie, a cream-based Fairy type most notable for the fact that it turns into a large cake when Gigantimaxing. Then there’s Duraludon, a Steel/Dragon type that apparently has a high speed stat despite its bulky appearance. Finally, Rolycoly is a Rock type Pokemon based on coal with the ability Steam Engine, which gives it a speed boost when attacked by with a fire or water type move.

You can also see some new screenshots for the upcoming games below. Pokemon Sword and Shield is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 15 and can be pre-ordered right now on Amazon.

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