Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Shows Off New Team, Rivals, and Pokemon

New Trainers, Villains, and Pokemon are introduced in this new Sword and Shield trailer.

After making an announcement on Twitter earlier this week, Pokemon Sword and Shield has received a new trailer. The trailer introduces Galarian form Pokemon, new rivals you will encounter on your journey, and the group who will be a threat to the Galar region.

For those unaware, Galarian form Pokemon are redesigns of Pokemon from previous generations. This was first introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon with Alolan form Pokemon. In the trailer, Wheezing, Zigzagoon, and Linoone are the three whose Galarian forms are shown. On top of that, Zigzagoon is receiving a third stage of evolution called Obstagoon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Shows Off New Team, Rivals, and Pokemon

With the introduction of Galarian form, there will also be a new form-change Pokemon. Reminiscent of a hamster, Morpeko can change into two different forms. In the trailer, we see it in its “Full Belly Mode.” In tise mode, it attacks opponents using an Electric-Type move called Aura Wheel. Morpeko’s second known form is “Hangry Mode,” where it changes color and its eyes turn red. While in Hangry Mode, Aura Wheel turns into a Dark-type move. As of now, we do not know what makes Morpeko change form.

When it comes to enemies, Team Yell is the new group that you must fight in Sword and Shield. From what we know, Marnie wants to become the new Champion and Team Yell will do whatever it takes to make her goal a reality. Another new trainer shown is Bede, but we know nothing as of yet regarding their motivations.

For the past few months, we have received new trailers full of information for Sword and Shield. Back in June, we were able to play the game at E3 where we challenged Gym Leader Nessa in her Water gym. For me, I haven’t been this excited for a Pokemon game in a long time and everything seems to be shaping together nicely.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are set to release on November 15 later this year. For those interested, there is also going to be a themed Nintendo Switch LiteSword and Shield are available for pre-order on Amazon. For those interested, there is also a double pack including both games.

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