Pokemon Sword and Shield Will Finally Hit Nintendo Switch this November

Pokemon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch received a November release date during today’s Nintendo Direct.

Ever since Pokemon Sword and Shield were revealed in February, Pokemon fans have been dying for more information and a release date. Fortunately, today’s Nintendo Direct focused on just that, and ended with the confirmation that Pokemon Sword and Shield will release for Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Pokemon Sword and Shield takes place in the Galar Region, which appears to be based on the United Kingdom. Players choose between starters Grookey, Sobble, and Scorbunny at the start of the game before venturing throughout the Galar Region to various gyms, which take the form of giant stadiums, and ultimately challenging the Pokemon League. Pokemon Sword and Shield look to be much more classic in style, not following the structural changes of Pokemon Sun and Moon or gameplay changes in the Let’s Go! games. That being said, the games have new features like Dynamax and giant Wild Areas to explore.

Though it will be available at launch, this game will support Pokemon Hom when it launches in 2020. While Pokemon Sword and Shield is the first Pokemon game from a new generation to be on Nintendo Switch, it is not the game from the series on the system. Currently, Pokemon fans can get Pokken Tournament DX, Pokemon Quest, and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! on Nintendo’s hybrid console. In the future, a new Detective Pikachu game is also coming to the system.

You can check out a trailer highlighting some of the new Pokemon below. On November 15, you will finally be able to play Pokemon Sword and Shield on your Nintendo Switch. The games can also be pre-ordered right now on Amazon. 

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