Pokemon Sword and Shield’s New Commercial Will Hit You Right in the Nostalgia

If you’ve been a Pokemon fan since the 90s, Sword and Shield’s new commercial prior to launch might just stir something deep within you.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are each due out in a little less than a month at this point and in the lead up to launch day, Nintendo today released a new commercial for the latest pair of games today.

The commercial, which is only 30 seconds long, shows the journey that the Pokemon series has taken over the years. From its roots on Game Boy with Pokemon Red and Blue, to then the Game Boy Advance and DS with entries like Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, and Pearl, this commercial shows off each of the different platforms that Pokemon has appeared on over the years. It also shows a variety of different Pokemon from these entries in their original sprite forms.

After showing each of the different platforms that Pokemon has been on over the years, the old platforms then transform into Nintendo Switch consoles and all of the Pokemon also morph into more updated, 3D models of their original selves. It’s a nice trailer that looks back at the history of the franchise while also acknowledging that this is now the first proper console entry in the series.

The only thing a bit odd about this trailer is that it seems to signify that all of the Pokemon that have ever been in any entry in the series will be included in Sword and Shield which, if you have been following the game, you know is not true. The latest two entries in the Pokemon franchise will not contain a National Dex, or, in other words, won’t feature every Pokemon in existence. This has been a sticking point with many longtime fans for Sword and Shield with some claiming they will boycott the new games because of it. Game Freak has previously addressed the controversy saying that these Pokemon that haven’t been included though could one day return in future games.

You can check out the new ad down below if you’d like. Pokemon Sword and Shield are set to land exclusively on Nintendo Switch next month on November 15.

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