Pop Team Epic Gets In Super Robot Wars X-Ω

Comments from Masami Obari about his work on Pop Team Epic, trailer for Super Robot Wars X’s Switch and Steam ports.

Bandai Namco held this month’s Super Robot Wars series stream on October 3. We’re in the blank period of the year when it comes to SRW, so these monthly streams have stopped being monthly, and the last one happened in August. Series Producer Terada recently slimmed down a lot. He appeared on stream with a sporty outfit and mentioned he lost around 20 kilos since April. Not because of overworking mind you.

The biggest announcement made on stream is how Bkub’s Pop Team Epic is getting into Super Robot Wars. The series is the newest time-limited addition in Super Robot Wars X-Ω.


Anime Director Masami Obari was on the stream, chatting about his work on the Pop Team Epic anime adaptation. As a side note, his nameplate read as “Super Barizer”.

If you watched the anime, you should know Pop Team Epic‘s Episode 13 had a particular mecha and mahou shoujo-stylized, Obari-stylized opening sequence Obari personally made. Because of that episode, a lot of people actually expected Pop Team Epic to get into Cross Omega, especially since even idol anime Aikatsu got in (I’m still waiting for Pretty Series to get in).

Obari mentioned how he didn’t really know how to handle his commission for Pop Team Epic when he got contacted about it. Especially when he got told to “Bari it up” since he doesn’t really know himself what it means.

As the stream went on to the Super Robot Wars DD corner, Producer Akaii also appeared for the first time ever in a suit. Usually, he’s always cosplaying OG character Kyousuke Nanbu and has been appearing cosplayed for years on stream. Producer Akaii formally apologized about SRW DD‘s slightly hectic launch. Right after the game launched, it went into long maintenance, and many excited players didn’t get to play at launch.

In less important news, they also published the trailer for Super Robot Wars X‘s Switch and Steam ports, coming on January 10. Super Robot Wars X is already available on PS4 and PS Vita.

They showed some gameplay of the Steam version of Super Robot Wars V as well, which launched today on Switch and Steam. The English Steam version is region-locked, however. They said it feels pretty weird for themselves to actually be playing SRW on PC. Terada kept joking about now salarymen around Japan can finally pretend to work while playing Super Robot Wars on PC. You can read more about SRW V and SRW X and check their series list here.

Lastly, as usual, Terada shared a few words on when the next stream will be. Terada mentioned they don’t know when the next stream will be, meaning there probably won’t be one in November. Usually, new Super Robot Wars games get announced on these monthly streams, either in November or December. So if they do announce a brand new game, it should be in December. It’s highly likely they will as the series has been following a yearly schedule for a very long time.

Super Robot Wars T is the latest main game of the franchise and is currently available on Switch and PS4. It’s also the best selling game of the franchise overseas, so it’ll definitely come to Steam one day.

The full stream is embedded below.

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